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Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency(voice over / commercials)

Michael T. Shera:, Allan Duncan:

235 Park Avenue South, 10th Floor - New York NY 10003  *  Tel: 212-659-5126

Email:     Cell: +1 (310) 279.2981 






Click on links for available recorded performances

Invisible Catalyst (Poem to Covid-19 NY)

A scene from "In Arabia We'd all be Kings" by Stephen Adley Guirgis

Benefit performance at First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles, hosted by Ed Asner

"Silver Tongued Devil" Begonya Plaza for Rimes of The Ancient Mariner February 24, 2016

Gernika Lives (full version)

Souvenir Views (outtakes)

The Artist Way (short film)

American Hero (short film)

Gero Arte (short film)

Cat and I in Port Lligat researching Salvador Dalí

Childhood friends: Mauri, Felipe and Jesus breaking bread in Euskadi

Lament (10" stage play)

THE KISS (short film)

On the US1 with Zelda Kaplan * Jeffrey Gurian














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