American Hero

Written, & directed and starring Begonya Plaza

opposite James A. Lee 

Contemplating the ravages of war. A helpless Iraqi Veteran with PTSD attempts to rebuild his life with the support of his sister who struggles to understand the depth of his brokenness. 

Their sibling bond of love is his saving grace in the end as he awakens to the toxic consequences he's endured.

Devastated and concerned for how violent we are turning due to our fears and delusions. Offensive war is self-destruction 

American veterans return demoralized, dehumanized, physically wounded, mentally ill, and ashamed of the betrayal. To find themselves at home marginalized, systematically abandoned, forced to end up homeless on the streets of our cities, in prisons, psychiatric hospitals or dead. This brother/sister relationship represents the two worlds colliding at home. With effort and love their blood bond redeems them with a healing forgiveness.

TRT: 14:45 –Shot on: HiDef HVX 200A Panasonic   © izar productions, April, 2009


UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGES • DVD licensed with lifetime public performance rights (PPR): $100

PUBLIC LIBRARIES, HIGH SCHOOLS & NON-PROFITS • DVD licensed with lifetime public performance rights (PPR): $30


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I wanted to explore the meaning of family love in moments of extreme hardship when finding it incomprehensible and unforgivable, we can still try to stand strong to find a way towards compassion.

American hero film still #1 copy


Begonya Directing#2

Director of Photography: David Lang and Director: Begonya Plaza


Bobby Harris played by James A. Lee

James A. Lee & Begonya Plaza in American Hero1

Cinematographer: David Lang,  First Assistant Camera: Suren Karapetyan 

Set of American Hero3

Script Supervisor: Ryan Kane, Gaffer: Donavan de Cesar

Bobby and Jane on Set 


Assistant Director: Robert Kolodny, Director of Photography: Dave Lang, First Assistant Camera: Suren Karapetyan


Donavon and Cat 

Still Photographer: Caterina Armenter, Gaffer: Donavan de Cesare

Cast & Crew.

A profound thanks to Chris Newman at School of Visual Arts, Charlie Feldman of BMI records, Jeremiah Hawkins of Postworks NYC, Reeves Lehmann, Chair of School of Visual Arts and Michael Plaza for the inspiration.




Short Play Lab
The Midtown International Theatre Festival
Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th St., NYC (between 8th & 9th avenues)
October 29 & 30, 2016 @ 9:PM & Sunday, 30th @ 2:PM

LAMENT is a ten minute play inspired by the death of ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev.

Starring: Rolando Chusan, Solonje Burns, Cooper Lawrence, directed by Jonathan Libman

Not long ago in New York same-sex marriage was illegal. While a world famous dancer is dying in a hospital room, his life partner, waits outside on the street as he is not admitted by his lover's side. The homophobic family take advantage of this, to exclude him, and the legal wife who agreed to pose as a cover, now greedily exploits the situation for her own selfish benefit.

A progressive journalist secretly watches the scene unfold, and reports on it.

Still, there are many states, and countries that ban LGBT rights.

Call Ovation Tix toll-free: 866-811-4111

or visit: TICKETS









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