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Through creativity I explore the expansive adventure of life, with an inquiring mind and heart, aiming to evolve toward my fullest soul potential. Here, I share with you some of the creative works I've completed, and others that are still in progress. May your divine imagination be inspired, and we as a collective force bring forward the deep changes needed for transcending these critically unstable, and intolerant times motivated by fear, and greed. My play Teresa's Ecstasy addresses some of the differences created by perspectives of bias, and prejudice.


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You may recognize me in the roles I played in these films. They are from long ago though it feels like yesterday. Works I'm proud to have been a part of, for the excellence of craftsmanship in all of them. Most are classics, and "Tales from the Dark Side" is a pop horror classic. What fun it is to be an actor, and be able to tell stories. Now I mostly write, and it feels amazing to adventure in the imagination, combining my rich emotional life experiences, love for human character, the word, form, style, and my desire for expressing truth (in both English and Spanish) while solving character driven puzzles. Art like science, and philosophy aim at reflecting how fundamental truths and laws of nature relate to man's free will in the face of rejected consequences.

May we never doubt to follow our bliss, and listen to our individual inner voice so to inspire each other, ceaselessly.

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 SAG/AFTRA/EQUITY   --  IMDB link -- Download Begonya's Resume

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