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My first headshot
Archetype roles
New York Actress
Acting Life
Johnny Randolph and Thomas Berhhard
Zelda Kaplan
Born on the 4th of July
I should have been a D.P.
Cover of Barcelona's TV Guide
Dark Justice for CBS
The indian hooker in 48 HRS
Walter Hill
Carroll O'Connor in "Brass" for CBS television.
Souvenir Views
Halloween Party
Salamander Lounge
Playing Bertolt Brecht
Barry meets Bob
My old friend, Dan Lauria.
Blue Star Kachina
Social activist, actor and true friend.
My friend and ally.
While filming, "Dark Justice".
On the set
Between two celebrated men.
Forever grateful.
Barry Gifford flew in from San Francisco to see my play.
Blessed and grateful.
Audience members waiting outside the theatre
Receiving compliments is the nices feeling.
Opening Night after party
My music director
Opening Night!
My theatre angel.
After the show.
Cast and Family
The Persistence of Memory, for the stage.
The Persistence of Memory adapted for the stage.
Stage adaptation of The Persistence of Memory, 2014.
Stage adaptation of, The Persistence of Memory.
Stage adaptation of, The Persistence of Memory.
New York actress
Old Hollywood
Bringing La Pasionaria to life.